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Zach Bernards grew up on his family's farm in Dayton, Oregon. He has been actively participating in real estate since high school, wherein he would prospect for potential investment properties for a handful of family, and friend investors. Because of prior experience, Zach was eager to obtain his Oregon Real Estate License, and begin selling, and buying properties for himself and others. Zach works with both buyers, and sellers to accomplish their real estate goals. As a listing agent, he structures his listings to achieve maximum online traffic, and exposure. His innovative marketing techniques are often underutilized by others, granting Zach, and his client's a competitive advantage. On the other side, Zach has a passion for helping folks find their dream property. Whether it be land for farm use, a home in which to raise a family, or an investment property with a great ROI, he enthusiastically guides his clients throughout the process. Bernards has a particular interest in helping first-time buyers, as he believes one's first real estate transaction can change their lives, both financially, and structurally. ​


Phone: 971-267-6833

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